Jennifer Aniston is driving her friends crazy with OCD cleanliness

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have kids, but she’s a fan of an item a lot of moms won’t leave home without – disinfectant hand gel. She’s said to be such a germophobe that she slathers the suff on surfaces before she’ll touch them like grocery carts and even door knobs. She also supposedly has a bathroom for guests that she’ll never use due to germs:

“Jen has become nearly obsessed with cleanliness and it’s driving everyone around her up the wall,” an insider told the Enquirer.

“When friends come to her house, Jen insists they use a bathroom that’s reserved for guests only.”

Jen never uses that bathroom.

“She carries hand sanitizer in her purse so she can do the ‘wipe-down.’ In public, she’s constantly wiping grocery carts, hand rails, elevator buttons, door knobs and anything else she come in contact with.”

And when someone reaches out to shake her hand, Jen gets noticeably panicky, added the source.

“I’ve seen her take a deep breath, wipe her hand on her clothes and then pat the person on the arm, just to avoid hand-to-hand contact,” the insider divulged.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, October 27, 2008]

We just saw photos of Aniston hugging Laura Dern at a party over the weekend. She did put her face to the side, but it’s not like she’s so terrified of human contact that she won’t give someone a hug. This story is likely overstated, but it could have a grain of truth to it. Maybe Aniston does do the “wipe down.” I’m a fan of disinfectant hand gel and always have one with me, but I also have a four year old and anything that can keep him just 10% cleaner is appreciated. It’s also something I considered indispensable when he was in diapers and we had to do a quick change in the back of the car.

This does sound extreme, but as long as Aniston is able to function and it’s not interfering with her day to day activities she should be fine. Considering how much she’s photographed, it’s not like she’s functioning at Monk levels and has to make sure she’s constantly decontaminated after touching people or we would have seen a photo of her disgustedly wiping her hands at some point.

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