Tom Cruise’s Bathroom Antics

MAR 1, 2008 AT 08:06 AM
So he washes his hands for a really long time. That’s not such a bad thing is it? Bet you he hardly gets sick! The thing that is really funny about this story is where Tom Cruise makes his bodyguard stand while doing number 2. Right outside the stall! Instead of having him stationed outside the bathroom door, Tommy makes his lucky brute stand close should something go down. You know what that means… that man has heard a ton of bells and whistles. Heck, I would do it too for the salary Tom dishes out. 🙂

Some A-list stars have their bodyguards stationed outside the restroom when they’ve got to go. Not Tom Cruise! According to a source, who was already in the loo at a swanky L.A. restaurant when the Scientologist entered, Tom had his bodyguard accompany him into the bathroom – ” and stand guard close by while the 45-year-old star went! Meanwhile, the bodyguard stared our spy down. AWK-ward!
Our source tells us that Tom then washed his hands “as fastidiously and thoroughly as a surgeon preparing for surgery. He must have washed his hands for at least 5 minutes.”


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