Grocery shoppers ecstatic at germ-free carts

Shoppers at the Lakefield IGA on Queen St., Lakefield, Ontario are delighted that they are the first Canadians to get to try an innovative shopping cart sanitizer at the store’s entrance. With carts handled many times a day, the system reduces the risk of germ transmission for shoppers, using a burst of germicidal ultraviolet light to destroy germs, bacteria and viruses typically found on a cart handle and child seat basket.

The shopper simply inserts the cart, presses the ‘start’ button to turn on the UV light and sanitizes their hands with the automated dispenser provided, so clean hands can touch a clean cart. A video screen shows the customer how to use the system. The process is incredibly simple and takes only 10 seconds to complete. The store used to offer wet wipes to customers, but found that the SaniCart-UV system cleans every nook and cranny of the cart, without using chemicals or creating environmental waste, making it a safer green cleaning option.

Ross Bletsoe, President of Lakefield IGA says, “Customer’s are just beside themselves over it. They are asking why anyone didn’t think of this sooner. Why don’t other stores have it? We’re lucky to be the first and the reaction has been very, very positive. A lot of people are really mindful of germs, and this way there will be no germs on that grocery cart.” He expects the Canadian made units to begin appearing in other grocery stores.


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