The #1 Tip to Stay Germ-Free on Airplanes

Well, maybe germ-free isn’t quite right–our bodies are covered in so-called “germs” and that’s not really a bad thing. But, a lot of people complain that they feel drained and depleted after a long flight, and there’s the business of all that recirculated dry air, leaving you susceptible to picking up a cold or flu bug. Want to protect yourself? Here’s a really effective, easy and smart thing you can do …

Of course, given two important germ-fighting strategies, 1.) not touching your face and 2.) washing your hands frequently, there is also another lesser-known ways to reduce your chances of picking up a cold or flu bug on a long flight.

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I saw a segment on Good Morning America where an expert shared that the reason so many people end up getting sick after traveling via airplane is the dry air. Our noses and sinuses can get really dried out during flights. Mucus in the nasal lining is actually good. It protects your nose from intruders. So when it’s dry and cracked? Yep, more germs can find their way in when the protective lining isn’t there to grab ’em.

But, a really smart thing to do is to proactively keep your nose moist by picking up a (cheap) bottle of saline nasal spray or mist and giving your nostrils a spritz during the flight.


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