Whirlpool Baths: Neglected and Filthy Tub Jets Can Cause Diseases

Firoz Wahab/ezinearticles.com
A PhD working with the Department of Biology in Texas’ A&M University, Rita B. Moyes, experimented on the health hazards of whirlpool baths by checking 43 public and private tubs. And her research concludes with some very disturbing news.

Moyes discovered that even though a Jacuzzi might sound very appealing to you, it hides serious dirt underneath-literally. According to her research, whirlpool tubs are not structured enough to let the water drain from the pipes completely. Dirt and other materials remain on suspended on the pipes, until the next person sits in and activate the jets. As the water flows again, the smutty materials (including soap, hair follicles, washed away dead skin cells, body oil and even feces) mixes and contaminates the water, thereby risking the health of the person who uses the whirlpool bath.

Neglected, the froth and foam will continue to clump up and get in the way of the circulation of the jets. The dirt and filth will start blocking the pipes, like cholesterol in an artery. At some point, the system will not be able to handle it, and all the dirt will be expulsed to the water, even when someone is using it.

Apart from the repulsion of it all, these can cause health problems. To make matters worse, you won’t even know what’s causing it because most of the time, the water looks clean. And let’s face it, if you were suddenly brought down by pneumonia or septic arthritis-both of which are diseases caused by unclean tub jets-why would you point fingers at the Jacuzzi?

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